Discover the Beauty and Power of the Turquoise Large Beaded Bracelet from 7th Heaven

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that not only looks stunning but also offers protection, luck, and health benefits? The Turquoise Large Beaded Bracelet from 7th Heaven is exactly what you need. This bracelet combines the natural beauty of turquoise with the powerful symbolism and energy associated with this remarkable stone.

The Design and Craftsmanship

Each bracelet is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is unique and of the highest quality. The bracelet features:

  • Gold Plated Elements: These add a touch of elegance and luxury, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the piece.
  • 7th Heaven Round Gold Disc Wings Charm: This charm not only adds to the bracelet's beauty but also represents angelic protection, aligning with the theme of guardian angels.
  • Gold Angel Wing Charm: Symbolizing your personal guardian angel, this charm serves as a reminder of divine protection and guidance.
  • Third Eye Disc: protects you from negative energy and harm.
  • Pearl Bead: for purity.

The Power of Turquoise

Turquoise is a stone known for its protective and healing properties. It has been used for centuries across various cultures for its ability to:

  • Provide Protection: Turquoise is believed to shield the wearer from negative energies and bring good fortune.
  • Promote Health: This stone is often associated with healing, both physically and emotionally, helping to balance and align the chakras.
  • Enhance Courage and Strength: Wearing turquoise can inspire feelings of confidence and inner strength, making it an excellent companion in times of need.

A Symbol of Divine Protection

The bracelet isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a talisman of protection. The third eye disc on a gold disc is designed to safeguard you from negativity and harm. Archangel Michael is known as the protector, and having his symbol close by can serve as a constant reminder that you are never alone and always protected.

Inspired by Angelic Energy

The 7th Heaven collection, crafted by designer Tahnee Morgan, is inspired by the divine energy of angels. Each piece in the collection, including this turquoise bracelet, is created with the intention of bringing the wearer closer to their guardian angels, providing a sense of peace, protection, and connection to the divine.


Whether you're drawn to its beauty, its protective qualities, or its symbolic meaning, the Turquoise Chunky Beaded Bracelet from 7th Heaven is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. It's not just an accessory; it's a powerful piece imbued with positive energy and divine protection.

To explore more about this bracelet and other pieces from the 7th Heaven collection, visit 7th Heaven's official website.

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