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Delighted to be featured in the December issue of Positive Life. After previous interviews with founder Paul and editor Aisling it is wonderful to share my story in my own words. I have so much more to share and tell… this is just the beginning!

Read the full article below:

In May 2009, I faced a near death experience that shaped the rest of my life and kickstarted my spiritual journey. This enabled me to channel positive energy into all the pieces I create for my

jewellery and wrap scarf company, 7th Heaven.

As a young child I was spiritually gifted, but often repressed it, due to fear of not being accepted. My most prominent experience as a child was saying a final goodbye to my Auntie Ciss, two days after she had passed. I still remember her clutching her handbag, sitting in a blue chair across from me in my bedroom.

At my young age, I was unaware that I had just seen her spirit. In disbelief, I woke my twin sister Lisa, whispering, "Ciss is here"

"I channel positive energy into all the pieces I create"

After my near death experience, my Angels and spirit guides allowed me to tap into that power I once had, to spread positivity to people around me. Every creation for 7th Heaven has been given to me from messages above, and created to guide and protect the wearer.

When you are being channeled by an Angel, it is a direct message from God. The Angel is merely the messenger. There is a different sensation between receiving a message from a departed soul and from an Angel. A presence of a spirit leaves you with a heavier feeling behind you, as if they are guiding or leading you towards something, whereas the presence of an Angel is much more euphoric and fluffier, and the energy is always focused around my crown and third eye chakras.

I have so many more experiences to tell and messages to give. I feel that my journey has just begun, and I have a long way to go.

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