Sharing the experience of “The Discovery Of Kingdom Water”

Sharing the experience of “The Discovery Of Kingdom Water”

  It was a lovely surprise to have received in the post a gifted copy of my friend Michelle Keane’s book, titled “The Discovery of Kingdom Water”. The reason why I was extra excited was that my angels played such a pivotal role in the discovery of this very ancient water blessed by the land.


My angels and a visit to Kerry

  It all started back in the summer of 2018, when my youngest son Scott and I, travelled to county Kerry to visit Michelle and her family for the weekend. Michelle is very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world called Knocknagoshel.

That first evening Michelle and myself had just finished a lovely meal and decided to relax in the sitting room. We were not prepared for what happened next, suddenly I got unbelievably hot and I knew from my many past experiences that I was about to be channelled. In an instant, I was channelled by the loving energy of Michelle’s grandmother, aunty & her father’s uncle, Joseph Thomspon, who wished for me to pass on a message to Michelle. The message was, Michelle would publish a book in the future, which we now know is the “The Discovery of Kingdom Water”, and it would be a great success! When you’re being channelled by an ancestor/spirit you know they have lived on this earth and have experienced human emotions, whether this be your mum, grandmother or sister etc.

When you are being channeled by an Angel, it is a direct message from God, the Angel is merely the messenger. There is a different sensation between receiving a message from a departed soul and from an Angel. A presence of a spirit leaves you with a heavier feeling behind you as if they are guiding or leading towards something, whereas a presence of an Angel is a much more euphoric and fluffier feeling and the energy is always focused around my crown and third eye chakras.


The Beginning of Kingdom Water

The following evening Michelle remembered she had something she wanted to show me in her studio office. It was her bottle of Archangel Michael well water. I asked where she had gotten the water as I could sense the water was very powerful.

Shortly after putting the children to bed, Michelle, her husband Keith and myself were sitting down and having a cup of tea in the kitchen. I suddenly felt a presence pulling me towards the direction of the Archangel Michael water, I kept losing my train of thought and the only thing on my mind was that bottle. When I felt drawn to turn the cap on the bottle, it was as if I was entering another cosmic level, and when I think back it was at that very moment, Archangel Michael was guiding me towards the eventual discovery of kingdom water.

A powerful divine voice spoke to me, showing me the image of natural spring water flowing, from a ditch in Michelle’s land, and telling me that there are 7 natural springs in total on the land. I told Michelle and her husband “they are showing me a 3 and a 4, and telling me that there are very rare earth elements in some of the different springs”. This amazed me, as I have no prior knowledge of water or the elements they contain.

As channeling can become tiring, I asked Michelle for her necklace to create a pendulum, that way we could ask the divine spirit present, yes or no questions. The pendulum moving in a clockwise circle, indicates Yes, and the opposite for No. The divine being was showing me flashes of words, Calcium, Lithium, magnesium, phosphorus, barron and many more. So I began to ask the divine spirit if these elements would be in the water, some of which I had trouble pronouncing as I never even had the need to use them as I have no scientific background. I became only the vessel for their divine message.

After all of the emotional channelling, we both needed some fresh air, so in the middle of this very special night, Michelle and I tentatively walked around the land. I told Michelle, I felt blessed to be standing on such spiritual ground. The angels told me that the water flowing from the ditch is different in composition to the water in the seven springs under the land, and that there is also a 600 year old well. They also told me they wanted the word ‘Heaven’ (another word for ‘God’s Kingdom’) to be incorporated in some way in the naming of this ancient water.


The Discovery of new water

After a night of tossing and turning, I woke up to the sound of Michelle's excited voice saying, “wake up Miss. we have water to test.” So off we went wearing our sterile gloves, to take samples from the spring in the ditch which was accessible, unlike the seven springs which were buried deep within the earth.


  We wasted no time and set off later, to visit  Southern Scientific in Farranfore. We met the chairman of Southern Scientific, Michael Murphy, a specialist in analytical and environmental science. Michelle told Michael that we believed there were many special properties in the water which we had brought to be tested. And I was stunned when he said, “Well, if there are healing properties in this water, half the country will be drinking it”.

  On our way back from the testing centre, I said to Michelle wouldn't it be great, if we could get our hands on some divining rods in order to locate these ancient 7 springs that the spirit world and angels had spoken to me about the previous evening. Michelle suggested we could get them from Tom Tompson and suddenly it dawned on us, why Joseph Tompson, (Tom’s dad) had come through to me the previous evening.

Tom's wife explained that Tom hadn’t used his divining rods in over 15 years, and there were slim chances of him finding them but recommended to go visit another man Richard Murphy as he had experience divining.

Later that day, Richard called to the house with the rods, and guided by the angels, I started to divine the land for the 7 springs as told to me by the spirits. I slowly walked the land, and as if in a trance, feeling the energy of the spirits bubbling up through soil. By the grace of God, he allowed me to discover the 7 ancient springs which are now known as “Kingdom Water”.


The Results & the journey

Three weeks had passed but finally the waiting game was over. I received a call from Michelle when I was out for dinner completely oblivious to the fact she held such an important message for me, as we speak regularly so I thought it was just a bit of chit chat, I told her I’d have to ring her back as I was out for dinner. Before I could finish my sentence Michelle said, “Tahnee I have the results back and there are over 25 minerals and evidence of 17 Rare Earth Elements, including ytterbium, in the water.” I couldn’t believe it, I took a deep breath and was overwhelmed that what I had seen was a reality, and I finally had my affirmation. I said “the angels are talking to me now and they are delighted that you tested the water. They have a very strong message for you, Michelle. They want you to open up one of the seven springs and test that water too.” I knew the next 6 months for Michelle would be an emotional rollercoaster. I was relieved and was thankful for my spiritual gifts, as I knew Michelle and Denise (long-term friend) had invested a lot financially and emotionally. I finished the call by saying, "Michelle, I feel it is your soul's journey to bring this water to everyone in the world so they can reap the benefits of its ancient healing water power.”

You will have to read Michelle's wonderful book to know what happened next!!

A wonderful day out with myself, Denise (centre) & Michelle (right) 

Denise is a dear friend who introduced me to Michelle during a ladies Christmas lunch. 

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Loved your blog and have read the book . What a pivotal role you played in the discovery of Kingdom Water. Michelle is so blessed to have you as her friend. Well Done Tahnee.

Regina Walsh

Wow Tahnee, what a story.! Michelle and her family must be truly delighted you decided to visit. What a momentous discovery. Will now have to read the book to find out what happens next 😃

Dee O’Reilly

Love this Tahnee, great post!! I remember you telling me about this a few years ago , incredible. Love how you tell it. I have read the book and so I did find out what happens next!!

Grainne O'Kane

Wow wonderful post! Love it, well done Tahnee amazing 🤩


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