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7th heaven angel spiritual accessories 

Tahnee Morgan, 7th Heaven founder and designer

Listen to Tahnee's live radio interview with Dublin City FM below where she talks in depth about her "near death experience and her journey to Heaven", or read on to learn more about her story.

103.2 Dublin City fm · The Art Of Living 25th Oct 2018


Award-winning Irish Milliner Designer, Tahnee Morgan, began the start of a divine spiritual journey after having a near-death experience in 2009. Tahnee found her psychic powers increased and she acquired the ability to heal and even predict some future events, which have come to light. This very personal, life-changing phenomenon inspired Tahnee to visit India for mindfulness retreats and practice soulful meditation in order to re-connect with her true inner divine self.

 Tahnee Morgan, founder of 7th Heaven


Tahnee in the Indian Himalayan mountains

Many ancient traditions tell of the great abilities of the 7 Archangels as healers, guides and protectors, helping individuals in many of life's challenging situations. Each Angel is represented by its own unique divine colour code and message, and those looking for guidance and protection would ask the Angel whose help they needed most to watch over them. 

Tahnee found herself being continually drawn to connect with the 7 Arch Angels and the powerful, cosmic energy they represent. She would wear the divine colour code of a given Angel whenever she needed their protection and guidance, and it occurred to her that everybody could benefit from having an Angel on their shoulder to empower their own divine spirit within and the idea of 7th Heaven was born. 

7th heaven angel spiritual accessories River Ganga at Devrayag, Himalayas, India

River Ganga at Devrayag, Himalayas, India 

With her artistic eye for detail and passion for design, the Angels inspired Tahnee to create a unique collection of luxury wrap scarves and jewellery that capture the true essence of the Angels specific intention and energy, giving the wearer an up-lifting sense of positive energy and a feeling of being in 7th heaven.

The scarves have a range of designs such as hand-embroidered feathers motifs and delicate crystals, embroidered wings using the finest blends of cashmere, wool, silks and modal. Each 7th Heaven wrap scarf has its own unique up-lifting sense of positive energy and wrapping it around your body will give you a lovely feeling of being hugged by your very own Angel.


We hope you get as much comfort and joy from 7th Heaven as we do. 


Tahnee and her twin sister, Lisa visiting a holy temple in India

Tahnee and her twin sister, Lisa visiting a holy temple in India 






7th heaven angel spiritual accessories