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Yesterday, on the first of March Tahnee Morgan founder of Irish Jewellery Brand 7th Heaven had a live interview with Aisling Maria Cronin. Tahnee was able to relive some monumental experiences in her life including her near death experience back in 2009, which laid the path for 7th Heaven.

Tahnee talked about her near death experience in detail, as she “travelled to different dimensions”, and her emotional connection with her father who passed when she was only young. Angel Michael gave her an ultimatum to stay and be with her father after so long, or return to her family and children. The answer was clear but still tough to comprehend. After some time Tahnee regained consciousness to the paramedics surprise as they believed all hope was lost. Tahnee remembers seeing the paramedics head in hands, believely she was truly gone as she travelled back to her body.

Tahnee also touched on her experience with The Discovery of Kingdom Water. You can hear all about this in our previous blog, all about Kingdom Water and Michelle Keane.

We are delighted that 7th Heaven will be featured in the next issue of The Positive Life Magazine , we will be offering a very lucky subscriber of the magazine a spectacular prize!

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If you missed out on Tahnee’s live interview don’t worry, the recorded version has been uploaded onto The Positive Life Magazines facebook page!

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