Pink Wings Scarf

Pink Wings Scarf

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The crystal-beaded Chameul Scarf - COMING SOON, TO PRE-ORDER NOW

Wear this pink colour for LOVE, PASSION and RELATIONSHIPS in times of need or minding. Let the angel Chameul guide you, hug you and protect. 

This scarf has been lovingly hand-made in India by skilled Indian artisans, made from a fine weave blend of cashmere and modal, hand-dyed, with intricate, hand-dyed crystal beads to match the colour of the scarf. 

The fabric is delicate, be careful of sharp objects that may pull on the weave. 

Size: 200 cm length x 75 cm width 

Designed with a story. For more about 7th Heaven and the angel connection, come and visit our ABOUT US page.

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