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7th Heaven

Rose-Quartz LOVE Bracelet with Charm for Passion & Relationships

Rose-Quartz LOVE Bracelet with Charm for Passion & Relationships

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Natural rose-quartz stone bracelet with gold plated, crystal-encrusted heart. 

Matching Mummy & Me bracelets - one for mum and one for her precious little girl. SEE HERE for Little Heaven Rose-quartz children's LOVE bracelet. 

Wear this pink colour for Angel Chameul's LOVE, PASSION and RELATIONSHIPS to support in times of need or minding. Let the Angel Chameul guide, hug and protect you. 

The Angels have allowed their energy to inspire the designer, Tahnee Morgan to create a unique 7th Heaven collection.

This gold plate and bead bracelet has been lovingly hand-made using rose-quartz stones and gold-plate crystal-encrusted heart.

Jewellery care: remove jewellery before washing hands, swimming, or applying perfumes or fake tan, as this could cause discolouration. To minimise snagging on clothes or bedsheets, put your jewellery on at the end of dressing and remove before undressing.

*Please be aware that hand sanitiser may affect the jewellery, remove all jewellery and wait until hand sanitiser is dry. 

*Allow up to 3 days for shipping.

Each 7th Heaven accessory has its own unique uplighting sense of positive energy.

Designed in Ireland. Designed with a story and handmade. For more about 7th Heaven and the angel connection, come and visit our ABOUT US page.

7th Heaven Bracelets

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